Friday, June 17, 2016


#HBH16: Everything You Need to Know About SIR’s $7,500 Crown Jewel!

Marion, IL | June 15, 2016 – As racers from coast-to-coast merge upon Marion, Illinois for the fourth running of the prestigious $7,500 to win High Banks Hustle this weekend, we take a look at everything you need to know heading into the summer’s biggest spectacle. With a three-day event featuring well over 100 drivers ranging from California to Pennsylvania, this year’s edition of the Hustle is sure to be the biggest in history. Along with one of the nation’s premier events comes plenty of information regarding it, and here you can find everything you’ll need to know about this year’s #HBH16 from dates, times, prices, format and payout.

For all news High Banks Hustle, you can follow @MaximumDirt_ on Twitter or Brian Walker on Facebook. Posting race results, format breakdowns, live lap-by-lap updates, and press releases all week long, they’ll have full coverage of this year’s #HBH16.

If you cannot make it this weekend to SIR, you can still watch the races live as Kyler Shaw of F4ST Four Media is live streaming the entire weekend to fans across the world. For only $40, you will get to see practice night along with two full nights of thrilling action at SIR. You can purchase the pay-per-view at

Below you can find all the information on this year’s event with the details on dates, times, prices, format, lap counts, and payouts.

Thu, June 16th: Parking + Practice
Fri, June 17th: Maximum Dirt Preliminary Night
Sat, June 18th: $7,500 to win High Banks Hustle presented by Engler Machine & Tool

1:00 PM: Trailer parking begins on Thursday
6:00-9:00 PM: Thursday Practice
5:30 PM: Sign-In Closes
5:45 PM: Driver’s Meeting
6:00 PM: Hotlaps
7:00 PM: Racing Starts

Practice: $10 Pit Passes
General Admission: $10 on Friday & Saturday
Pit Passes: $30 on Friday & Saturday

- Draw for starting spots in heat races.
- Passing points will lineup the entire field into separate qualifiers straight up: 
EX: Jeremy Camp goes 9th-1st, he is high point man & starts pole of qualifier one.
- The highest finishing 24 drivers in qualifiers will then transfer to the A-Main off of finish. EX: Dereck King wins qualifier one, he will start on the pole of Friday’s prelim.
- Top six finishers in the preliminary feature will lock-in to Saturday’s main event.
- The six lock-ins will also run a dash for cash on Saturday night that will also lineup the front three rows of the feature based on finishing order.
- Saturday’s feature field will consist of six lock-ins, 12 or 16 from qualifiers, and then the top two or top six from the LCQ depending number of qualifiers.

Heat Races: 10 Laps
Qualifiers: 20 Laps
LCQ: 15 Laps
Preliminary Feature: 30 Laps
Saturday’s Main Event: 40 Laps

Friday Feature Payout – 1st ($500), 2nd ($400), 3rd ($300), 4th ($200), 5th ($150), 6th ($100), 7th ($95), 8th ($90), 9th ($85), 10th ($80), 11th-24th ($75).

Saturday’s Dash Payout – 1st ($100), 2nd ($90), 3rd ($75), 4th ($60), 5th ($40), 6th ($35).

Saturday Feature Payout – 1st ($7,500), 2nd ($3,750), 3rd ($1,875), 4th ($1,275), 5th ($1,175), 6th ($1,075), 7th ($1,000), 8th ($900), 9th ($800), 10th ($700), 11th ($650), 12th ($600), 13th ($550), 14th-24th ($500).

- First non-transfer (7th) in Saturday’s LCQ will receive $500.
- All other non-transfers (8th-16th) in Saturday’s LCQ will receive $150.
- The hard charger in the LCQ will also take home an additional $100.
- First non-transfer in all of Saturday’s qualifiers earns $50.
- The second and third non-transfers in those qualifiers will also grab $25.
- The hard charger in Saturday’s dash will also receive $100.