Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 6 Club Meeting Agenda

-Change A Class name to Sportsman Class Jake Palmisano
-2016 Officer Nominations Jake Palmisano
-All Rules Changes to be submitted no later than January 2016 Meeting Jake Palmisano
-Bathroom Maintenance Jake Palmisano
-Look into purchasing a lap counter to keep everyone posted as to what lap we're on. Cary Oliver
-Qualify your featured class of the night. Top 4 run 4 lap trophy dash. Cary Oliver
-I would like to bring back dashes for any class that can bring 16+ cars for a 500$ to win show! Kyle Stubblefield
-We should implement Deleware restarts instead of single file. The leader is out front all alone and everybody else lined up 2 by 2. Randy Foutch
-Change A class rules to allow driver and or car to compete in other classes as long as car is legal for A class. Jason Rix
-Adjust motor claim amount for A class from $800 to $1400. Jason Rix

-More than 10 cars in class. Split and run 2 heats. Top 2 n heat go to 4 lap dash to set feature line up. Cary Oliver