Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Who is ready for the last points night of the year?

Collin Wece and Jake Palmisano head into the points chase finale as the leaders in the non-wing and wing classes, respectively.  Collin is followed by Jeffrey Wallace 100 points behind.  Jake is followed by Tyler Rust a mere 60 points behind.  If there is a tie, a five lap shootout will occur immediately following the feature event for that class Saturday night with the winner walking away with the class championship (assuming the tech inspection is passed that is!)

The remaining classes will have their final points totals calculated with the two lowest points nights for the season dropped after tech is completed on Saturday.  As of today, 9/29/15, the top three in each class with adjusted points would be as follows:

A:  1.  Steve Cobin 1880 2.  Brian Duty 1790 3.  Travis Moore 1490

Jr:  1.  Trevor Rix 2330 2.  Chance Duty 2270 3.  Zack Grogan 1980

Restrictor:  1.  Trevor Rix 2170 2.  Tyler Rix 2150 3. Brocton Williams 2100

Dwarf:  1.  Chris Beasley 2230 2.  Jason Billingsley 2070 3.  Lloyd Tig Quarry 2020

Mod-Lite:  1.  Jay Parks 2220 2.  Terry Moulton 1940 3.  Dustin Moulton 1740

Head to the track this Saturday to watch some of the final racing action of the year.  Be sure to reserve November 14th on your calendar to join us at the Herrin KC Hall for our end of the year banquet and Points Champion Award Presentations.  Stay tuned for more details!