Thursday, June 25, 2015

#HBH15 updates 6/25/15

Racers and Fans,
IF we happen to get rained on tomorrow (Friday) here are our plans:

1. We will do EVERYTHING we can to get Friday nights portion in on Friday night. Even if it means running REALLY late. That's Plan 1 and the priority.

2. If it happens to rain where we can't get anything in Friday, we will shift to a Saturday and Sunday format with times starting 1 hour earlier on Sunday.

Again, PLAN 1 is to get Friday's portion done tomorrow even if we have to run late. Our track man, Terry Moulton, is busting his rump right now packing the surface so we can take some moisture.
Plan on running AS SCHEDULED right now. We will post updates tomorrow as needed!

Tshirts are available in sizes youth medium and up.  They are available in white, grey and black for $20 each.  Our plan is to have a tent up in the grandstand area to sell tshirts – if weather it iffy – you can find the tshirts at the pit shack.   

Drivers and teams, if you weren’t able to join us tonight, here are a few instructions that may help when you arrive at the track.  Pit gates will open at 2pm.  Pit passes are available at the club house.  You will see it on your right hand side as you are making the turn into the pits.  Weekend pit passes are available. Please purchase these before pulling into the pits.  If you reserved a parking a spot, they are marked with the driver’s name and number on white flags.  There are also a couple of maps floating around to help you find your spot.  Once parked, pill draw will take place from 3-5pm at the pit shack which is just to your left as you are driving into the pits at the top of the hill.  It is also next to the bathroom building in the grandstand area which is what most folks ask for next!   At the pit shack you will “sign in” for the race.  This is where you will fill out your electronic entry form if you haven’t already, pay your fees if needed, complete or turn in your W-9, electronic pill draw, and you will receive your transponder.  Please turn in your transponder each night to the pit shack.  Ok, that is all I can think of now, but hopefully these few tips will help!