Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#HBH Notes

Haven't decided if you are going to race this weekend or not??
To try and keep the ladies in the tower happy and not rely on stronger doses of their essential oils, if you think you "might" race at any point this weekend in the Highbanks Hustle, they are requesting that drivers go ahead and click HERE and fill out the entry form.  You don't have to pay online if you are unsure if you are coming - you can pay in person when you show up.  If you don't end up coming - no worries.  The ladies would rather have it than not have it.  Filling out the form now just makes it easier to have your info already entered in our systems.

A few notes to all competitors this weekend on rules:
Chemical alterations of tires will not be permissible for the Highbanks Hustle
No fuel additives other than top end lube will be permissible
Traction control devices are not permissible

For those still looking for a hotel room this weekend, one of our hotels in town is owned by a great couple of races fans and they're offering a special rate for all Hustle drivers and fans!
Give them a call and tell them you're coming for the Hustle, they'll set you up nicely!
Country Inn and Suites
(618) 997-2444

Ryan Hudson and Kathy Eickelman of Oliver and Associates will be on hand this weekend to pick out the best looking car at the Engler Machine and Tool Highbanks Hustle. That car will recieve a cool $150 for its beauty and braggin' rights until next year's Hustle!

Oliver & Associates, LLC. regards the insurance business as an honorable profession and our objective is maintain a high standard of integrity in our dealing with our clients and our company partners. The interests of our clients are paramount in our effort to provide the best insurance product available. We studiously avoid any practices which might cause the agency adverse notoriety or disrepute.

Oliver & Associates, LLC. takes an active part in recognized civic, charitable, and philanthropic movements which contribute to the public good of our community. We seek to elevate the standards of the insurance profession, support right principles, and oppose bad practices in the business of insurance.
Oliver & Associates, LLC. has been serving Southern Illinois since 1980. We represent quality companies and take pride in our service to our customers. Let us help you find the coverage you need.

Give them a call today at (618)529-4105, Ask for Ryan or Kathy and they'll get you fixed up with whatever service you may need!

#HBH15 Program
Click HERE to access this year's HBH program.  We will have some printed copies available Friday and Saturday, but thought you all might want the details now!