Sunday, May 25, 2014


Here is a post Mike made on his Facebook page this morning. We wanted to repost it here (with his permission) to let everyone know how he is doing.

"First off let me say I hate mentioning names for fear of omitting someone. To SIR workers, firemen, and emt' are the best!! It isn't ironic that guys I used to race with like Eric Holmes and Donny Marks and more recent guys like Jake Palmisano and Jimmy Wells were at my aid in quick fashion. You guys are the reason this racing community is so awesome. Already been asked why would you and why would you ever again. The last 15 years of racing has given me lifelong friendships!! Even given me a daughter in law that is giving me a grandson in two months!!! Who wouldn't want those things in your life?? So racers and want to be racers don't stop doing what you love. I can never replace the joys I have gotten for this sport. Every penny spent on the best fire safety apparel worked perfectly!! Racers, don't bypass this first and foremost in your operation. Aside from a curling iron burn and small hand burn, I'm feel great! Appears something hit my injector rail and pulled two of injectors out to pour fuel out. Some burnt wire and burnt helmet etc. nothing that can't be replaced. Thank you for your prayers and concerns!! Lastly, God is good all the time!" - Mike Hudson

We are all so glad you are ok Mike and we can't wait to see you race again!

5/24/14: What an odd night of racing all the way around. As many of us that work behind the scenes at SIR paused to reflect after the races, we are just so thankful that God answered our drivers meeting and pre-race invocations and kept everyone safe. Things could have ended up much worse than they did tonight.

SIR would like to extend its deepest gratitude to our firefighters, EMTs, and the racers (especially Jimmy Wells) who helped put out the fire and get Mike Hudson out of his car! We were all so glad to see him walking around the pits after the races!

We would also like to take this time to thank our extremely loyal race fans for sticking with us through the track issues and red flags tonight. We were already plotting solutions to the issues tonight after the races. Without you, the fans, we would not be where we are as a track today! We hope to see you all back next week for a weekly show on the Highbanks with $500 to win guaranteed in the Boss Chassis Wing Outlaw class.

Finally, congrats to our winners!! Senior - Philip Sommer, SI Workwear Dwarf & Rix Enterprise Mod Lite - Kyle Masters, Moulton's Farm Fresh Restrictor - Tyler Rix, Stricklin Farms Jr. Sprint- Chance Duty, Prairie Farms Non Wing - Matt Veatch (4 in a row), & Boss Chassis Wing Outlaw - Joey Wirth!!