Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Season Opener Scheduled for 5/3/14

Practice night was a great success!   Who knew we could draw so many fans in the stands for PRACTICE?!?!  Thank you to all our volunteers who have stepped up to have everything ready for racing, from bleachers, to the flag stand, siding, re-constructing the inside of the tower, painting, running electric, setting poles, picking up and delivery all sorts of things including radios so the safety workers can hear each other, making copies, checking utilities, picking up trash, making sure my (oops I mean our) french fries are cooked to perfection, hanging banners, mowing, weed eating, tractor maintenance, racing surface maintenance, AND SO MUCH MORE!

We want everyone to have a great first night of racing so here are a couple reminders:
1)  Pits will open at 4.  Please DO NOT enter the pits for any reason (including to park you trailer) until you have signed in at the pit shack and received your pit pass.  This is an insurance thing not ours.  Please help ensure others follow this rule as well!

2)  To expedite the sign-in process, if you have not already filled out a driver profile sheet for the season, please have it filled out prior to getting to the pit shack if possible.  It can be downloaded HERE.  Please ensure it is completely in its entirety or it will be returned to you.  A complete driver profile sheet is required in order to receive payouts.  If all forms are turned in WHEN YOU SIGN IN, scoring and posting results will be expedited.!

3)  High Banks Hustle entries are accepted at the Pit Shack.  Please turn yours in with payment ASAP.  Entries are already starting to come in!  The entry form can be found HERE.

4)  In order to earn points toward the season championships you must be a club member.  It costs $20 for the season and can be paid at the pit shack.  Please do not check the box for "Driver Profile and Membership" on the Membership/Profile form unless you are paying for the membership WHEN YOU TURN IT IN.

5)  Any minor child entering the pits will be required to fill out the once a year form if it was not filled out yesterday.  Unfortunately we can't post it for you to complete ahead of time, but it only take a second.  Please help us help you and remind us that you need one if we forget to ask!  (Our pit shack volunteers won't forget but by some random chance if I am in the shack I'm saying now I'll likely forget :))

6)  FANS!!  New to SIR this year to show appreciation to our grandstand fans are our new loyalty cards.  Receive a stamp on your card for each paid grandstand admission.  Then, redeem your card on your 11th visit for a FREE admission.  Sorry these cannot be redeemed on our premier nights (POWRi, HBH and TSM), but you can still earn a stamp!  There are cards for both children and adult admissions.

7)  If for some reason the grass gets watered too much for us to race (better than saying the "R word" right?) we will post for sure on Facebook and this website trying to get it on ASAP.  Calling us etc. will not increase the speed of a decision being made. Instantaneously with a decision being made it will be posted on Facebook and shortly after on the other sites.  Please remember we try to have a decision made by noon if at all possible.

8)  My final one today...Social media is a HUGE reason for SIR's success.  If you use social media, as you share pictures, videos, comments etc. about SIR, specifically on Facebook please tag Southern Illinois Raceway.  Don't forget you can always go on the SIR Facebook page and leave us a review as well.  Plus, every club meeting and race for the year is located in the Facebook events section of the page.  Even if you are a regular and we know you are going to be there, please RSVP, then share and invite your friends and family to RSVP.  Another great way to interact is to tag yourself in the pictures we post each week on the FB page.  FB tracks all interactions with the track and in short, the more interactions we have the more visible our track posts are to everyone!        

This post is getting way too long so I better stop now.  We can't wait to see everyone at the track and thank you all for your continued support of Southern Illinois Raceway.