Monday, July 27, 2020


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Race Recap

Marion, IL. (7/26/20) After a rainout Saturday night, 98 drivers were able to remain in Marion for a Sunday-night running of the Driven Performance Championship Finale of the 8th Annual Engler Machine and Tool Highbanks Hustle at Southern Illinois Raceway. The 24-car starting field was set after 10 Heat Races, 6 A-Main Qualifiers, one A-Main Dash, and one Last Chance Qualifier. When the weekend's final checkered flags were waved, it was Pryor, Oklahoma's Frank Flud taking home the $12,000 check.

Friday's Winner Alex Bright was the A-Main's pole sitter after winning the 6-lap Dash. The only change between Friday's Top 6 finishing order and the Dash finish was Frank Flud moving by teammate Harley Hollan to finish fourth, lining him up on the outside of row two for the main event behind Alex Bright, Brian Carber, and Nathan Benson and ahead of Hollan and Dylan Kadous.

Mechanical issues ended Kadous's night before the green flag dropped on the 40-lap Feature. On the races start, Carber got around Prelim Winner Bright to lead the opening lap. Bright fell to second and Flud moved up one position to third. On lap two, the race's only red flag flew when two cars got upside down on the front straightaway. The two were Dan Souder and Laydon Pearson. Both were uninjured. 

On the restart, Flud began to battle with Bright for P2. Flud lost ground to the PA driver after jumping the cushion in turn two. When Flud finally got around Bright for the second position, Carber had opened up a sizable lead and was working through lap traffic. Carber struggled to get by lap cars, allowing Flud to catch him within just a couple laps. Flud pulled even with Carber at the start/finish line on lap 24. In the very next corner, Flud got by Carber with a slidejob in turns one and two. On the next lap, Carber tried to regain the lead with a slider of his own, only for Flud's crossover move to deny that effort. 

From there, Flud would be untouched the rest of the way. He held off Carber through multiple late-race cautions to take the win. It took eight runnings of the Highbanks Hustle until a driver won the Micro Sprint crown jewel event twice. Flud, who's first Hustle triumph came in 2016, etches his name in the history books as that driver.

Southern Illinois Raceway would like to thank its staff and volunteers for working so hard to host the three-day turned four-day event. We thank all the sponsors who supported the event so generously, it would be impossible without them. We would like to thank the track crew, led by Trey Holmes for working countless hours and days to give the drivers and fans a great racetrack all weekend long. Thank you to Kyler Shaw for live-steaming the event on Saturday's broadcast was the most-watched PPV in FFM history and SIR could not be more proud to now hold that record. A huge thank you to all the fans who watched, both in the grandstands and those watching on PPV. And last but not least, we appreciate the 119 drivers who attended this weekend. We enjoyed having every one of you and your teams and families spend the weekend with us, and can not wait to have you back. Southern Illinois Raceway is proud to have hosted the 2020 Engler Machine and Tool Highbanks Hustle, and looks forward to putting on more premiere events in the future!

Complete results for Saturday night can be found below

Heat Race Results

Heat 1 (Results): 1-Young.D 2-Marcham.T 3-Robb.T 4-Mehler.K 5-DeVault.T 6-Saldana.R 7-Stephans.K 8-Christensen.C 9-Despain.C 10-Carley.L

Heat 2 (Results): 1-Porter.C 2-Day.C 3-Schaeffer.A 4-Wolf.C 5-Peters.A 6-goodwin.c 7-Sawyer.S 8-Camp.J 9-Clifton.T 10-Booten.C

Heat 3 (Results): 1-Souder.D 2-Taylor.Z 3-Brummitt.M 4-Pearson.L 5-Wright.E 6-Warner.L 7-Dowdy.D 8-Englehart.C 9-Conde.S

Heat 4 (Results): 1-Naida.D 2-Doney.X 3-Quick.A 4-Purdue.A 5-Kaiser.S 6-Harris.E 7-Leonard.T 8-Tinsley.C 9-Eigenrauch.J

Heat 5 (Results): 1-Bryson.K 2-Milan.S 3-Schmidt.A 4-Marcham.J 5-Mehler.T 6-Cobin.C 7-Winter.C 8-Palmisano.J 9-Kirkman.T

Heat 6 (Results): 1-Bullock.M 2-Erickson.J 3-Hagopian.J 4-Siegel.W 5-Wirth.B 6-Renfro.B 7-Lamb.B 8-Mahoney.B 9-Sawyer.D

Heat 7 (Results): 1-Disinger.R 2-Kirkman.K 3-Ronk.C 4-Littleton.T 5-Timms.R 6-Bishop.A 7-Roark.B 8-Jones.Q 9-Wirth.J

Heat 8 (Results): 1-Bright.B 2-Wiedeman.B 3-Miller.J 4-Wells.J 5-Heady.C 6-Roberts.C 7-Galusha.J 8-McFarland.N 9-Harbert.R

Heat 9 (Results): 1-Rennison.T 2-Robb.G 3-Williams.B 4-Cabre.C 5-Carr.M 6-Bishop.J 7-Criswell.R 8-Null.L 9-Radney.J

Heat 10 (Results): 1-Robinson.D 2-Barth.A 3-Gatewood.A 4-Key.K 5-Avedisian.J 6-Sampson.B 7-Boschele.G 8-McFarland.B 9-Miles.C

Qualifier Results

Qualifier 1 (Results): 1-Souder.D 2-Young.D 3-Quick.A 4-Schmidt.A 5-Christensen.C 6-Rennison.T 7-Purdue.A 8-Littleton.T 9-Saldana.R 10-Taylor.Z 11-Winter.C 12-Siegel.W 13-goodwin.c 14-Miles.C 15-Harbert.R 16-Wirth.J

Qualifier 2 (Results): 1-Milan.S 2-Porter.C 3-Key.K 4-Erickson.J 5-Wirth.B 6-Doney.X 7-Williams.B 8-Wells.J 9-Carley.L 10-Palmisano.J 11-Sampson.B 12-Despain.C 13-Cabre.C 14-Harris.E 15-Camp.J 16-Radney.J

Qualifier 3 (Results): 1-Robb.T 2-Hagopian.J 3-Pearson.L 4-Barth.A 5-Naida.D 6-Kirkman.K 7-Stephans.K 8-McFarland.N 9-Tinsley.C 10-Dowdy.D 11-McFarland.B 12-Cobin.C 13-Heady.C 14-Warner.L 15-Clifton.T

Qualifier 4 (Results): 1-Timms.R 2-Bryson.K 3-Peters.A 4-Renfro.B 5-Galusha.J 6-Robb.G 7-Null.L 8-Roark.B 9-Bullock.M 10-Kaiser.S 11-Booten.C 12-Eigenrauch.J 13-Bishop.A 14-DeVault.T 15-Ronk.C

Qualifier 5 (Results): 1-Wiedeman.B 2-Disinger.R 3-Sawyer.S 4-Marcham.T 5-Bishop.J 6-Boschele.G 7-Roberts.C 8-Mehler.T 9-Gatewood.A 10-Mehler.K 11-Schaeffer.A 12-Wright.E 13-Mahoney.B 14-Sawyer.D 15-Kirkman.T

Qualifier 6 (Results): 1-Miller.J 2-Day.C 3-Bright.B 4-Avedisian.J 5-Carr.M 6-Marcham.J 7-Criswell.R 8-Robinson.D 9-Wolf.C 10-Englehart.C 11-Leonard.T 12-Lamb.B 13-Conde.S 14-Brummitt.M 15-Jones.Q

Dash & LCQ Results

Dash (Results): 1-Bright.A 2-Carber.B 3-Benson.N 4-Flud.F 5-Hollan.H 6-Kadous.D

LCQ (Results): 1-Quick.A 2-Bright.B 3-Peters.A 4-Christensen.C 5-Pearson.L 6-Key.K 7-Galusha.J 8-Schmidt.A 9-Carr.M 10-Avedisian.J 11-Erickson.J 12-Barth.A 13-Naida.D 14-Wirth.B 15-Renfro.B 16-Bishop.J 17-Sawyer.S 18-Marcham.T

A-Main Results

A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Flud.F 2-Carber.B 3-Bright.A 4-Miller.J 5-Benson.N 6-Milan.S 7-Timms.R 8-Day.C 9-Hollan.H 10-Robb.T 11-Hagopian.J 12-Christensen.C 13-Young.D 14-Bryson.K 15-Wiedeman.B 16-Key.K 17-Bright.B 18-Quick.A 19-Disinger.R 20-Porter.C 21-Souder.D 22-Pearson.L 23-Peters.A 24-Kadous.D