Tuesday, February 26, 2019

January Club Meeting Updates

  • Simplification of Jr Sprint rules. Proposed: Add methanol only - no top end lube (must pass water test), keep all other rules in place. Seconded by Jason Miles, all in favor, motion carried. 

  • Motion made by Rob Null to purchase a custom-made multi-wheel track packer. $4000 to purchase. Trey feels this will save a bunch of time on track prep throughout race nights. Dan Smith also has truck and trailer donating time to get it here. Seconded by Jason Eigenrach, all in favor, motion carried. 

  • Discuss payout and rule change for sportsman payout class. 
    • Proposed motion is to guaranteed every week:
      • $100 
      • $90 
      • $80 
      • $70 
      • $60 
      • $50 
      • $40 
      • $30 
      • $20 
      • $20 for the remaining feature starters. 
    • Opening the rules to allow drivers to run other classes.
    • Sportsman would still have their special every season at $500 to win. 
    • The goal of this proposal is to promote the class as a stepping stone class and reduce cost to the track. Discussion regarding fairness of changing this payscale vs other classes. Tabled for next month to discuss new pay scale for Jr, Rest and Sportsman. 

Public Comment:

  • AMSA wanted to know if we would like to sanction with them. They want drivers to purchase a sanction membership and the track would have to pay $5 per car per night in sanctioning fees. No one in favor. 
  • Include some signs in the grandstands encouraging fans to not smoke in consideration of other fans. 
  • Instead of a car show at the mall, look into doing a show at Ike parking lot instead to give them a space to actually start the cars and show them off a little more. Will get with Jason Eigenrauch to see if this can happen.