Friday, September 23, 2016

Rix Brothers Racing Sportsman Special 9/24

BATTLES SET TO REIGNITE AT SIR ON SATURDAY NIGHT! Points battles have come down to just 2 races left in the 2016 season and 5 of the 7 classes look to be up for grabs! Night 4 of the Stallard Chassis and Prairie Farms Non Wing Chases are in play as well with both battles separated by less than 45 points! Come join us at the Stallard Chassis Wing Outlaws vie for a guaranteed $500 to win with POWRi off for the night! The Rix Brothers Racing Sportsman class will also take the stage for the showcase night and vie for a GUARANTEED $500 to win!! Racing in the Rix Brothers Racing Sportsman Class has been tight all year with several different winners including Trevor and Tyler Rix, Jason Eigenrauch and Brocton Williams. Eigenrauch and Ty. Rix are set to have an all out battle for the championship over the last 2 races! Pill Draw Closes at 530 Hotlaps at 6 Racing at 7