Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Southern Illinois Raceway Announces Huge $30,000+ Purse for High Banks Hustle IV!

   Story by Brian Walker – Walker Racing Promotions

Marion, IL | December 8, 2015 – 

Arguably the fastest rising micro sprint event in America right now, SIR’s High Banks Hustle, is set for another huge year of growth with the fourth annual race hosted by the Marion, Illinois facility on June 16-18, 2016. With over $6,000 in added purse money this year, the grand total rises over $30,000 and most importantly makes High Banks Hustle IV the highest paying micro sprint race (starting wise) in the country, at $7,500 to win and $500 to start!

Set to kick off on June 16th with a practice night, grandstand admission will be free with $10 for drivers and crews. Friday and Saturday will both be $10 grandstand admission and $30 pit passes like last year. The event format will remain the same as in the past, with Friday’s preliminary night locking-in the top six feature finishers and Saturday’s finale also hosting a dash and LCQ.

Friday’s feature payout will remain somewhat similar, but is now up to $500 to win and $75 to start. The biggest addition to the purse comes for Saturday’s feature, where it is now a whopping a $7,500 to win and $500 to start. Also adding money throughout the field, the top seven finishers in Saturday’s A-Main are all guaranteed to take home a minimum of $1,000.

More purse additions have come in the form of Saturday’s LCQ, qualifiers, and dash. Every driver in the LCQ will receive $150 with the hard charger taking home an additional $100 and the seventh place finisher will earn $500. The first driver not eligible for the LCQ out of every Saturday qualifier will receive $50, while the second and third competitors earn $25 each. The winner of Saturday’s dash and hard charger will both take $100 apiece. 

Perhaps the most exciting news in all of this added money could be the low entry fee, which will remain at only $100! The late entry fee is bumped up to $150 for 2016, but still remains extremely low with all the money up for grabs.

More exciting news for drivers comes in the addition of banking back into the Marion, Illinois 1/8th mile. With dirt that is now two full guard rails higher in the corners, SIR should be as exciting as ever come June with the nation’s best drivers battling it out for $7,500!

Friday Feature Payout – 1st ($500), 2nd ($400), 3rd ($300), 4th ($200), 5th ($150), 6th ($100), 7th ($95), 8th ($90), 9th ($85), 10th ($80), 11th-24th ($75).

Saturday Feature Payout – 1st ($7,500), 2nd ($3,750), 3rd ($1,875), 4th ($1,275), 5th ($1,175), 6th ($1,075), 7th ($1,000), 8th ($900), 9th ($800), 10th ($700), 11th ($650), 12th ($600), 13th ($550), 14th-24th ($500).

- First non-transfer (7th) in Saturday’s LCQ will receive $500.
- All other non-transfers (8th-16th) in Saturday’s LCQ will receive $150.
- The hard charger in the LCQ will also take home an additional $100.
- First non-transfer in all of Saturday’s qualifiers earns $50.
- The second and third non-transfers in those qualifiers will also grab $25.
- Saturday’s dash winner will earn $100.
- The hard charger in Saturday’s dash will also receive $100.
- The decision of how to split up the remaining $300 dash payout is underway.
- Only $100 entry fee and $150 late fee!