Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 2015 SIR Club Meeting Agenda

1. Banquet, American legion, wooden spoon caters
Would like to finalize banquet. Wooden spoon offered to cater and get the American legion for $150
do banquet in mid November at American legion and let wooden spoon cater Informational update only.
2. No vehicles allowed in pit except tow vehicles.
Vehicles without trailers take up pit stalls some times.
Motion to only allow tow vehicles in pits to save on space and extra vehicles being in the way of trailers. Looking to have a specific change occur
3. "Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County has asked if SIR would be willing to allow their presence at the track for fund raising.
They will have a representative at the 9/12 meeting and would like to be there for the race night of 9-19."
To determine if SIR could donate a portion of the front gate income the evening Habitat for Humanity is at the track (9-19). No Informational update only.
4. Four wheeler
George's boss has a new four wheeler that they would sell us for $5K
New equipment with less upkeep as well as a more powerful machine to move wrecked cars quicker No Informational update only.
5. Clarification is needed for the number of laps for the A class and Jr class in our written rules as we typically run less laps for them.
For 5-9 cars, 10 lap heat, 20 lap feature.
Smaller car counts and slower cars lead to boredom for the fans.
I make a motion that jr and A class with 5-9 entries run 10 lap heats and fifteen lap features. (can discuss possibility of 8 lap heats as well...) Looking to have a specific change occur
6. IDOT road signs
Advertisement-there are many people that do not know where the track is located No Looking to have a specific change occur
7. SIR T-Shirts for next season Advertisement
To come up with a design for shirts to have for sale. Possibly add the option for members to purchase when when they fill out the membership form at the beginning of the season at a discounted price. I would take this responsibility if there's a way to have that portion forwarded to me. Looking to have a specific change occur
8. Please accept this request to have another Ike Family night at the race track.
I wanted to do Sept 26th. Last year it was $5 a ticket (General only) Last year I think we did $5 a ticket and I paid for that in full once we had an accurate count. I believe we did 35-40 last year but you can check on that for the most accurate number. Most of the people that came last year do not come on a regular basis. Please let me know ASAP if you will allow this. I would like to start with 50 passes.
If I did 50 general tickets at $5 each that would be an extra $250 in admissions that night. I have already had a lot of employees asking if we were doing another night at the race track. No Informational update only.
9. Use Kid Sprint/Junior Sprint Rules for the Jr Sprint Class. There is a list of rules that are easily spelled out and simple to follow. Yes Informational update only.
10. Tow truck sell Dallas duty has offered to buy water truck for $1000 No Looking to have a specific change occur