Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Club Memberships Available Now!!

Anyone ready for 2015?? Club memberships are now available for 2015. This year, memberships will be electronic - meaning NO paper forms and payment is through PayPal! If you do not have PayPal, you can still pay with a credit card or bank account without having to have a PayPal account. Please remember, you are not a member until your payment has been received.

Here's how:
1) Follow this link to the SIR 2015 Club Membership tab.
2) Fill in the member's information.
3) Click submit.
4) Scroll down and enter member's name under PayPal.
5) Click Add to Cart.
6) If you are only purchasing one membership, complete your transaction through PayPal. If you are purchasing multiple memberships (e.g. for each member of your family) - click continue shopping, repeat steps 1-5 until all members of your family are in the cart and then complete your transaction.

If you come across any problems, please contact the track at Thanks!