Saturday, July 26, 2014


SIR would like to remind everyone to come on out and enjoy some POWRi Speedway Motors National Micro Sprint Racing tonight! General admission prices remain the same as a thank you to all of our loyal fans! Pit passes will cost $30. We will also be racing Moulton's Farm Fresh Restrictor and Rix Enterprise Mod Lite for regular payouts. You can fully expect some of the best in the business to be in the house tonight in the wing outlaw class. Car count numbers are expected to have the potential to be 50+ with POWRi with many heavy hitters in the pit area! We hope to see everyone tonight for an awesome night of racing! 


 Southern Illinois Raceway would like to once again welcome Tim and Tammy Engler of Engler Machine and Tool as a sponsor in 2014. This time they are supporting the 7th Annual IKE Honda Terry Sprague Memorial! Tim and Tammy have been very supportive of the Highbanks of Southern Illinois Raceway the past few years and we couldn't be more grateful for it!

 Engler Machine was started in 1980 by Tim Engler, his main line of business at that time was plastic injection molds. Over the years he has diversified very widely, leaning more towards "high performance products". He now builds fuel injection systems, custom made pulling chassis, gears, shafts, specialty CNC products, racing engines and some custom machining. Recently, Tim designed and developed a mechanical fuel injection system for micro sprint application that is very popular today. Even more recently, Tim also developed an electronic version of his fuel injection for micro sprints. Whether it be by way of mechanical or electronic injection, the name Engler has become synonymous with power and torque in the micro sprint community. In fact, last year Engler Machine and Tool house driver, Cale Thomas, of Fairland, IN, took home the win and top prize of $5,000 in the inaugural Highbanks Hustle utilizing an Engler Mechanical Fuel Injection system. 

Anyone that wants a great, reliable fuel injection system, should give Tim or Tammy Engler a call at (812) 386-6254. We are very excited to have the support of Tim and Tammy for the highest paying Non Wing Micro Sprint race in the country in 2014! Remember when you talk about the Terry Sprague Memorial to use the hashtag #TSM14 !