Sunday, May 4, 2014

Race 1 is in the Books!

We'd like to thank all our fans and drivers for coming out on the first night of the 2014 season, you guys are tryout the best! We also appreciate you all hanging in with is last night as we worked to overcome some first night glitches! We figured out the problems and they'll be fixed for next week and the remainder of the season. Let's make 2014 an awesome year!!

Also congrats to our winners:
Matt Veatch-Prairie Farms Non Wing
Chris Maier-SI Workwear Dwarfs
Aaron Rixmann-Stricklin Farms JR
Jason Rix- Moulton's Farm Fresh Restrictors
Richard Noel-Senior
Rick Odum Specialties-Rix Enterprise Mod-Lites
Paul Day- BOSS Chassis Winged Outlaws

Here are the UNOFFICIAL results as I still need to double check a couple things but everything should be correct as is. It'll be a bit before I can get everything uploaded to Speednet, but figured this was better than nothing for now! With 70 entries (if I counted right) our first night - I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!