Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rained out! 8/20

We have been rained out this evening (8/20)

Join us next weekend as the Stallard Chase for the Chassis begins in the wing class and the Prairie Farms Non Wing class begins their chase as well!!

The SI Workwear Dwarf Special will be pushed to 8/27 as well!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rained Out 8/13/16!!

We are swamped out for tonight! Join us next week for the make up SI Workwear Dwarf Special and all other classes!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Joe B. Miller Scores $5,000 Win at Terry Sprague Memorial

By Brian Walker – Maximum Dirt Marion, IL | July 31, 2016 – After years of close calls and heartbreaking losses at SIR’s premier headliners, Millersville, Missouri’s Joe B. Miller finally ended his rugged drought and dominated Saturday night’s feature at the Marion, Illinois 1/8th mile. With 86 entries signed-in for battle, Miller rolled out in the fifth spot for the main event and rocketed into the lead on lap six and never looked back as he marched through lap traffic and piloted his Hyper Racing, Speed Shack Performance, Advanced Racing Suspension No. 51B to a huge $5,000 victory in the ninth annual Terry Sprague Memorial presented by Prairie Farms! Reeling in 86 cars for Saturday night’s finale, SIR would implement a format with eight heat races, four qualifiers, a six-lap dash, a 12-lap LCQ and a 40-lap main event. Jimmy Miller, Tyler Robbins, Tyler Rust, Ayrton Gennetten, Austin Schaeffer, Frank Galusha, Josh Marcham and Chris Cobin earned heat race wins. Picking up victories in the 20-lap qualifiers would be JB Gilbert, Russ Gamester, Frank Galusha and Ayrton Gennetten. In the six-lap dash for Friday’s lock-in drivers, Tulsa, Oklahoma native Jeffrey Newell used the high side to power his Sawyer Chassis No. 1 around Jacob Patton for the lead as Newell earned the pole position for the main event. Patton, Matt Howard, Todd Kirkman, Joe B. Miller and James Morris followed him to the line. In the 12-lap LCQ, it was the “Kokomo Komet” Brandon Rose who picked up the win and transferred to the feature with Ayrton Olsen, Tyler Rust, Jake Moore, Nathan Benson and Boston Mead. As driver introductions concluded, the command to start engines was given and the four-wide salute was cheered on by a standing-room only crowd, the 24 main event starters prepared for an all-out battle as Jeffrey Newell and Jacob Patton brought the field to the green flag, Newell jumped out to the early lead and led the opening lap, but it was Lawrence, Kansas native Matt Howard in his Pace Chassis No. 8H who moved from third and charged into the lead on lap two. During the only restart of the race on lap five, Howard led a new second place competitor of Joe B. Miller to the green. Wheeling his Hyper X6, Miller immediately pressured Howard for the top spot and on lap six he would use a beautiful diamond-move off of turn four to storm past Howard and into the lead. From there Miller would only extend his lead lap-by-lap as he worked up to a straightaway advantage when he hit lap traffic at the halfway mark. While Miller had his hands full in thick lap traffic, his competitors were busy fighting each other for the second spot as Howard, Patton, Kirkman and Newell battled mightily for the runner-up position. Despite several close calls in lap traffic, Joe B. Miller continued to expand his lead and ultimately brought his Hyper Racing, Speed Shack Performance No. 51B to the checkered flag on lap 40 as he dominated the $5,000 to win Terry Sprague Memorial at SIR! An exciting victory for the Millersville, Missouri resident that finally snapped a tough four-year skid of heartbreak at SIR’s High Banks Hustle and TSM. Jacob Patton worked his BOSS Chassis No. 79 back to the front for a second place finish, Matt Howard capped off an impressive weekend with a third place finish, Todd Kirkman earned another TSM top five with a fourth place run and Oklahoma’s Jeffrey Newell fought through a setup mishap to round out the top five in his SIR debut. JB Gilbert of Charleston, Illinois, Frank Galusha in his Stallard SST No. 12, Russ Gamester of Gamester Racing Products, Cole Bodine in his Concept Chassis No. 57 and Chris Miller of Indiana closed out the top ten finishers. A-Main (40 laps): 1. Joe B. Miller (5), 2. Jacob Patton (2), 3. Matt Howard (3), 4. Todd Kirkman (4), 5. Jeffrey Newell (1), 6. JB Gilbert (7), 7. Frank Galusha (9), 8. Russ Gamester (8), 9. Cole Bodine (11), 10. Chris Miller (13), 11. James Morris (6), 12. Josh Marcham (12), 13. Chris Cobin (14), 14. Nate Lauderbaugh (16), 15. Boston Mead (24), 16. Ayrton Gennetten (10), 17. Nick Howard (17), 18. Ayrton Olsen (20), 19. Brandon Rose (19), 20. Stone Sharpe (18), 21. Matt Moore (15), 22. Tyler Rust (21), 23. Jake Moore (22), 24. Nathan Benson (23). Lap Leader(s): Newell 1, M. Howard 2-5, Miller 6-40. Hard Charger(s): Mead +9. Bwalks15 Rookie Rookie Posts: 45 Joined: Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:16 am Reputation point: 0 Give good reputation point to Bwalks15Give bad reputation point to Bwalks15

Monday, July 18, 2016


The Pre-entry period for the 9th Annual Terry Sprague Memorial has come to a close and what a list it's grown into!! 14 different states represented with Indiana being the most heavily represented at 25 drivers!! Illinois brings in the second most drivers at 14. 5 drivers from both Michigan and Missouri. Three drivers from Florida, Kansas and Oklahoma each and Tennessee, Nebraska, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania pulling one each. We're looking forward to an amazing event next week and welcome every one to come join us as we race for $5000 and to pay tribute to a great man! The entry rate has now increased from $100 to $125. If you plan to come or think you're coming, go ahead and fill out the information portion on the link below so we can get you set up in the system. You can either choose to pay at that point or wait until you get to the track. 0 LeRoy Carley (Cunningham, TN)* 04 Paige Moss (DeLAnd, FL) 1 Charlie Crawford (Lees Summit, MO) 2 Grady Widener (Neosho, MO)* 2B Nathan Benson (Concordia, MO) 2C Chris Cobin (Royalton, IL) 2G Brandon Rose (Kokomo, IN) 2J Jake Moore (Muncie, IN) 2M Nate McMillin (Brazil, IN) 2P Jake Palmsiano (Marion, IL) 2TK Todd Kirkman (Kokomo, IN) 2V A.J. Hopkins (Danville, IN) 3 Ayrton Gennetten (Gravois Mills, MO)* 6S Spencer Martinez (Wichita, KS) 7w Danny Williams (Parma, MI) 8 Brian Lunsford (Marshall, MO) 8J Josh Marcham (Newcastle, OK) 9 Matt Moore (Oklahoma City, OK) 9A Ayrton Olsen (Indianapolis, IN)* 9P Wes Pinkerton (Reynolds, IN) 10 Tyler Rust (Evansville, IN) K10 Kole Kirkman (Kokomo, IN) 11D Aaron Davis (Windfall, IN) 11K Keith Minks (Evansville, IN)* 12 Frank Galusha (Lincoln, NE) 15 Jase Randolph (Broken Arrow, OK) 17 JB Gilbert (westfield, IL) 20 Chris Miller (Lafayette, IN) 20X Tayler Hungate (Benton, IL) 20J Scotty Britton (Whittington, lL) 21H Jamie Hargraves (Royalton, IL) 22L Bennett Lushin (Carmel, IN) 27 Ty Williams (Parma, MI) 29L Nate Lauderbaugh (Kokomo, IN) 29S Stone Sharpe (Frankfort, IN) 30 John Crowder (Summerfield, FL) 31 Dylan Kadous (Topeka, KS) 31H Laine Hite (Marion, IN) 33 Jayce Jenkins (Colfax, IA) 33M Kyle Neal (Ewing, IL) 35 Justin Harper (Denver, IN) 35T Tyler Robbins (Collinsville, IL) 37C Brad Nichols (South Bend, IN) 37H Nick Howard (Lawrence, KS) 38J Jimmy Wood (Monticello, IN) 40 Dawson Stealy (Lakeville, IN)* 42 Andy Bishop (Harrisburg, IL) 42M Boston Mead (Onsted, MI) 49 Russ Gamester (Peru, IN) 51 Dustin Cates (Plant City, FL) 55 Michael Archer (Jackson, MI) 57 Cole Bodine (Rossville, IN) 57P Robert Pell (Jackson, MI) 57R Shayne Riley (Indianapolis, IN) 57V Matt Veatch (Ewing, IL) 69 Blake Lamb (Warsaw, IN) 74 Collin Wece (Carbondale,IL) 77W Joey Wirth (Waterloo, IL) 79J Jacob Patton (Bethalto, IL) 85 Jason Goodwin (Princeton, KY) 91 Tyler Herschberger (Wauseon, OH) 91B Ron Dennis (Kokomo, IN) 93 Matt Carr (Fayetteville, NC)* 131 James Morris (Riegelsville, PA) 187 Matt Morton (Granite City, IL) (If there is an asterisk next to your name, your entry is not yet complete. If your name is not on the list and you feel that it should be, please contact the facebook page or email to find out why)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Frank Flud Breaks Through for First Career High Banks Hustle Triumph!

Story by Brian Walker – Maximum Dirt
Marion, IL | June 19, 2016 – After several years of trying and several years of frustration, Pryor, Oklahoma’s Frank Flud led the final half of Saturday’s 40-lap main event to score his first career victory at the $7,500 to win High Banks Hustle! Piloting his Driven Midwest ‪#‎81F‬ around Friday’s preliminary winner, Joe B. Miller, just after the halfway mark, Flud fought off a relentless effort from Miller as he held on to become the fourth different winner in Hustle history.
Opening Saturday night’s finale with heat races, it was Slater Helt, Josh Toho, Matt Howard, Jase Randolph, James Morris, Chris Andrews, Austin Stewart, Frank Galusha, Nathan Benson, Logan Wennesheimer, Cooper Smith and Noah Burlison taking wins. In qualifier action, James Morris, Nathan Benson, Chris Andrews, Jake Hagopian, Travis Harris and Andrew Peters scored victories.
In the six-lap dash, it was all Joe B. Miller out front with the win, but all eyes were on Kokomo, Indiana’s Nate Lauderbaugh. Starting in the sixth spot, Lauderbaugh shot his Farrell Frameworks ‪#‎29L‬ to the top of the track and ripped the SIR cushion all the way to an incredible second place run.
Moving onto the 15-lap LCQ, Nick Howard started from the pole and dominated the race, scoring the win with a near half-track advantage. Also transferring along with Howard was Ayrton Gennetten, Gabe Veradi, Jase Randolph, Jerrod Wilson and Jacob Patton.
Rolling out on the pole of the 40-lap main event, Joe B. Miller quickly took his Hyper Racing ‪#‎51B‬ to the top spot. While Miller started to walk away with the lead, Flud was working on Lauderbaugh for the second spot. A caution would bunch the field up and allow Flud a chance at challenging for the lead following his move into second.
Chasing Miller into lap traffic, Flud stalked him on the high side as the duo worked above the back markers. Finding clean air, Flud found a strong run down the backstretch and tossed a slider for the lead in turn three. Miller would cross him right back over and chunk another slidejob back at the #81. A caution would quickly end the torrid battle and transponders at the line would hand Frank Flud the lead.
Flud seemed to walk away with a comfortable lead as Miller fought wing troubles while Michael Faccinto pressured him for second. With Flud on the top and Miller making a move to the bottom, Miller slowly began to close back in for the lead. With just nearly five to go, Miller would come storming off the bottom of turn four with the lead and what looked to be a surefire win. However, Flud found a huge break as the caution would fly and send him back to the lead.
The final few laps would be much more calm for the #81 as he was able to hang onto his lead and earn his first career victory at the $7,500 to win High Banks Hustle! Flud, an Oklahoman, became the fourth different winner from four different states in four years of competition with SIR’s premier winged event.
Joe B. Miller finished a heartbreaking second following his preliminary win on Friday night. Hanford, California’s Michael Faccinto drove the CS9 Chassis ‪#‎5R‬ to a solid third place run. Three-time POWRi Micro champion Nathan Benson would wheel his BOSS Chassis ‪#‎2B‬ to a fourth place outing. Rounding out the top five in the Sawyer Chassis ‪#‎21H‬, Dylan Kadous capped off an impressive weekend in fifth. Nick Howard, Josh Toho, Chris Andrews, Travis Harris and James Morris closes out the top ten.
A-Main (40 laps): 1. Frank Flud (6), 2. Joe B. Miller (1), 3. Michael Faccinto (3), 4. Nathan Benson (8), 5. Dylan Kadous (5), 6. Nick Howard (19), 7. Josh Toho (16), 8. Chris Andrews (9), 9. Travis Harris (11), 10. James Morris (7), 11. Delaney Jost (15), 12. Ayrton Gennetten (20), 13. Logan Wennesheimer (17), 14. Gabe Veradi (21), 15. Jerrod Wilson (23), 16. Andrew Felker (18), 17. Jake Hagopian (10), 18. Jacob Patton (24), 19. Nate Lauderbaugh (2), 20. Slater Helt (13), 21. Jase Randolph (22), 22. Andrew Peters (12), 23. Andy Bishop (4), 24. Matt Howard (14).
Lap Leader(s): Miller 1-22, Flud 23-40.
Hard Charger(s): Howard +13.