Tuesday, June 25, 2019


By now, you’ve probably heard the new date for the Highbanks Hustle is August 23-24. 

Those are racedays. We’re looking at adding the 22nd on for a practice night as well. Stay tuned for that update. 

Here’s what you need to know:

-Your entry will carry over to the new date

-Your parking will also carry over

-You should’ve stopped and gotten a refund for your pitpass, but if you didn’t, we have you on a list and will have it available during the new weekend. 

-If you cant make it back and would like an entry refund, please email us and let us know. 

-If you couldn’t make it the first weekend, but can on the reschedule, you’re more than welcome to join us. There will be a complete redraw on Friday as no line ups were set!

Keep up to speed with all up dates via the Facebook page and SouthernIllinoisRaceway.org

As always, we thank you for helping us make these events successful and hanging in with us through all that rain!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Highbanks Hustle INFO

What started out as an absolutely beautiful day turned to poo really quick!!

We have been rained out for the Performance Electronics Highbanks Hustle PRELIM NIGHT Presented by Conrad Insurance.

With that said, here are the plans for tomorrow (6/22)

Gates will open at 10 am

Pill draw will begin at 10am through 11:30am. If you drew tonight, your number will still be good for the first program tomorrow! NO NEED TO REDRAW IF YOU ALREADY DREW ON 6/21.

Drivers Meeting will be held at 11:30

Hot laps will begin at approximately NOON with racing following right after.

At the completion of the first program, there will be a track rework, a REDRAW for night 2 THAT YOU WILL NEED TO DRAW FOR! There will be no hot laps for the second program and we will move directly into heats when the track is ready.

If you plan to attend both shows:
Pit passes will be $60 for adults or $30 for children 12 & under

Grandstands will be $20 for adults or $10 for children

AT 6PM we will begin charging for 1 day only ($12/$5 grandstands and $35/$20 for pits)


We appreciate each of you and hope that you'll bear with us on times and program completion!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email southernillinoisraceway@gmail.com

Monday, June 17, 2019

Highbanks Hustle Info

It's that week of the year...the BEST week of the year we think!


 Here are some things you need to know:

We have made a small change to format this year.
Here is a breakdown:

Heats will line up based on pill draw. Drivers will receive finishing point and passing points for positions gained. Points are deducted for positions lost.

 Qualifiers will line up based on points from heats with the top 6 being inverted in each qualifier. Drivers will again receive finishing points and passing points for positions gained. Points will be deducted for positions lost.

Friday night feature will be lined up based on TOTAL points for the night (points earned from heats plus points earned from qualifier). Top 6 in the feature will automatically transfer to Saturday A-Main.

 We will reset points and do the same thing on Saturday beginning with pill draw. The top 14 in points for the night will automatically transfer to the A-Main. The next 20 in points will go to LCQ. Top 4 finishers in the LCQ will advance to the A-Main.

 -Parking will begin Thursday at 1PM. If you manage to get parked before, you'll be asked to load up and move your stuff. Please WAIT until someone arrives to put you in your assigned position.

 -No at track tire prep will be allowed. If you are caught, you will be done for the weekend.

 -No Fuel Additives other than top lube.

 -Raceceivers will be 100% MANDATORY

 -Pit Passes
EVERYONE entering the pits will be required to purchase a pit pass (entry fee does NOT include driver pit pass). We will have a 3-day option available. Costs per day are as follows: Adults: $70 for 3-day pass OR $10/Thursday $30/Friday $35/Saturday Child (12 and under): $40 for 3-day pass OR $10/Thursday $15/Friday $20/Saturday

Practice will begin at 6pm on Thursday. We will have a brief drivers meeting, then open practice until 9pm. Friday & Saturday:
 · Pill draw from 3:00-5:00pm o All drivers will pill draw on Friday AND Saturday unless you finish in the top 6 on Friday night.
o Failure to pill draw will result in starting scratch for the heats and no passing points earned. · Drivers meeting at 5:30pm
· Hotlaps at 6:00pm
· Racing will immediately follow
o Please make note of each’s night schedule. It is YOUR responsibility to be in staging at the beginning of your assigned races. We will do our best to keep the program moving as quickly as possible.

 -Car Number Your assigned car number is noted on the pre-entry list posted to the track Facebook page. Please make note of this number as some were assigned their second choice. The entire number needs to be visible on both sides of your wing. In addition, you will write the entire number on the sign-in sheet each night.

 -Paperwork For those coming to the track for the first time this year, please complete the attached W-9 and return to us upon sign-in. If the name listed on the W-9 is NOT the driver, kindly write the driver name in the white space at the top. If you do not have a current W-9 on file, you will NOT receive any earned payout. We will not track your W-9 down, so please turn it in immediately upon arrival.

Raceceivers are MANDATORY. It is your responsibility to make sure it is working properly prior to entering the track. Failure to wear a working raceceiver will result in a DQ for that race.

 Chemical alteration of tires (tire prep) will not be permitted. Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified for the remainder of the event.

 Event T-shirts will be available for sale. Concessions will be available each night.

 There will be a 50/50 both Friday and Saturday with track's portion going to Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation in memory of Marty Brown.

 There will also be a raffle for a set of HBH Corn Hole boards with all proceeds going to St. Jude's 

Finally, to have a little fun this year, there will be a small corn hole tournament taking place Saturday with all proceeds going to Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation. Look for more information this week on Facebook!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Prelude to the Hustle

This weekend, it goes down. The Inaugural Prelude to the Hustle takes the highbanks of SIR as competitors from far and wide looks to get much valuable practice for the $12k Engler Machine and Tool Highbanks Hustle! The Prelude features a $1000 to win and $100 to start and an overall $4900 purse. The breakdown looks like this! 1) $1000 2) $500 3) $400 4) $350 5) $300 6) $250 7) $200 8 ) $175 9) $150 10) $125 11) $120 12) $115 13) $110 14-24) $100 We will also be running all other classes (JR, Rest, NW, Sportsman, Dwarf and Mod Lite) Entry fee for Wing Outlaw will be $50(includes pitpass. All other entries will remain at $35. Pitpasses will be $25 for ages 12 and older and $10 for those under 12. Grandstands will remain at $7/$3. Pit gate: 3pm Pill Draw: 4-5:30pm Driver’s Meeting: 5:45pm Hotlaps: 6pm Racing: 7pm

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

January Club Meeting Updates

  • Simplification of Jr Sprint rules. Proposed: Add methanol only - no top end lube (must pass water test), keep all other rules in place. Seconded by Jason Miles, all in favor, motion carried. 

  • Motion made by Rob Null to purchase a custom-made multi-wheel track packer. $4000 to purchase. Trey feels this will save a bunch of time on track prep throughout race nights. Dan Smith also has truck and trailer donating time to get it here. Seconded by Jason Eigenrach, all in favor, motion carried. 

  • Discuss payout and rule change for sportsman payout class. 
    • Proposed motion is to guaranteed every week:
      • $100 
      • $90 
      • $80 
      • $70 
      • $60 
      • $50 
      • $40 
      • $30 
      • $20 
      • $20 for the remaining feature starters. 
    • Opening the rules to allow drivers to run other classes.
    • Sportsman would still have their special every season at $500 to win. 
    • The goal of this proposal is to promote the class as a stepping stone class and reduce cost to the track. Discussion regarding fairness of changing this payscale vs other classes. Tabled for next month to discuss new pay scale for Jr, Rest and Sportsman. 

Public Comment:

  • AMSA wanted to know if we would like to sanction with them. They want drivers to purchase a sanction membership and the track would have to pay $5 per car per night in sanctioning fees. No one in favor. 
  • Include some signs in the grandstands encouraging fans to not smoke in consideration of other fans. 
  • Instead of a car show at the mall, look into doing a show at Ike parking lot instead to give them a space to actually start the cars and show them off a little more. Will get with Jason Eigenrauch to see if this can happen.